International Commercial Law -Spring 2022

Welcome to the course International Commercial Law at Mälardalen University.

On this blogg you are free to write about the course. What is good, what is bad or what do you need help with? You can write anonymous, or you can write post your name but remember it is an open official website. Anyone can read what you are writing so, please, use a nice language.

I hope you will find the course interesting and that you will learn a lot of value for yourself in the future.

Once again welcome to the course.

Best regards,

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15 Responses to International Commercial Law -Spring 2022

  1. Anonym says:

    Thank you for the interesting lectures. I have a question.
    What is the difference between regulations and decisions?

    • Krister says:

      A regulation is automatically applicable to all citizens in member states.
      A decision is only binding to whom it is addressed

      Best regards,

    • Anonym says:

      Hello I missed lecture 3 and went back over the movies to catch up on what I’ve missed. However, I have a question about indirect effects. Do indirect effects only apply to a horizontal level? Do indirect effects only effect on an individual to individual, individual to company, or company to company claim?

  2. Anonym says:

    Hello Krister.
    You mentioned what was allowed and not allowed to write in the law text compendium. Would you like to specify again so we don´t accidentally cheat 😉

  3. Anonym says:

    What is private international law? and how does it impact seller and buyer when both are not members of CISG? I did not understand this.
    Thank you.

  4. Anonym says:

    Is the legal accept time limit always 34 days, or it is up to the court to decide that?

  5. Anonym says:

    You have mentioned earlier that each group has to tell you which case they will choose in order to get your approval before starting their work, when and how are we going to do that?

  6. Anonym says:

    Is the EEC treaty a part of the TFEU treaty, or it is a separate treaty?

  7. Anonym says:

    Must all member states of the EU agree before the EU sign a convention? and can a member state refuse or go out from a convention?

  8. Anonym says:

    You said that patent right has a time limit, and it’s common that the price of a product gets cheaper when the patent right expires, could you give an example of that?

  9. Anonym says:

    How are the EU and other international organizations such as WTO, WIPO and UNESCO financed? Do all members contribute to the financing?

  10. Anonym says:

    What is fair use, and how does it affect copyright?

  11. Anonym says:

    Why did you sign an agreement with Time Inc, since you didn’t infringe their trademark? Was the agreement necessary to get your trademark approved?

  12. Anonym says:

    Do I need to have a contract with STIM even if I play music from the radio in the company’s office?